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What your phone's doing to you

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Pick anyone on the street, highly possible the "chosen one" would be familiar with neck pain, blurred vision, tense back muscles or stiff shoulders, like many of us are. And the reason is almost unquestionable: the use of our electronic devices.

For many times, I forgot about my purse when I went out, but I never left my mobile phone at home. My phone is just like my external organ, without it, life is difficult!

What I am trying to say is, most of us spend hours a day on phone, probably a few more hours on tablet computers or other devices, then here comes the problem, why do we start feeling something wrong with our body?

Many research has been done to find out the impact of device use on our health, and we have gathered up some finding for your reference:

Text Neck

Simply put, neck pain.

This is usually caused by the pressure on our cervical spine, you would be surprised by how much pressure your spine is suffering from when you look at your device screen.

While we cannot get rid of the pressure which is caused by our own head weight, we can reduce it by adjusting the bending angle of our heads.

Learn more from the below studies:

Credit References Not in Order


This is when you have one or more of the following symptoms: eye irritation, blurred vision, dry burning eyes and headaches.

Usually, we realise how valuable good eyesight is only when we have no choice but getting ourselves a pair of glasses or contact lens. Either you are one of us or still among the glasses-free, it is never too late to start protecting your eyes.

Learn more from the below studies:

Credit References Not in Order

To be frank, even after knowing how much I have been forcing my body to suffer, I am still not doing enough to fix the problems, after all, habit doesn't change in one day, but at least I am trying, bit by bit. Hope you do too!

Wish us all good health by all means!

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