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Congratulations! 1 new wrinkle for you today!

Updated: May 3, 2021

We've been told to learn how to cherish and love our wrinkles, since they are proof of our life experiences, I totally agree with the "experience" part of the saying, because recently I'm getting quite a lot of proof of this kind, from my daily experience of using my smart devices.


Seriously, who doesn't want a healthier, younger looking face?!

Some wrinkles are inevitable, because they come from our aging and daily facial expressions, it's natural.

Other wrinkles, like those I'm getting as a bonus in the recent years, can always be prevented, because they are from our "misbehaviour" with our body, which includes our ways of using smartphones and other smart devices.

In an article from the Japanese news site はまれぽ.COM , Mr. YatsuHashi Taichi from the Yatsu Hashi Hospital explained that regularly and constantly looking down at our smartphones can cause stiffness in our neck, shoulder & face muscles, the pressure caused by our head weight on our neck bone and spines can negatively affect our inner circulation, including a drop in blood flow and nutrition supply.

As a result, we will develop a range of skin problems:

  • Wrinkles! (シワ)

  • Saggy Face!(タルミ)

  • Pigmentation!(シミ)

  • Dullness!(クスミ)

  • Dryness! (ドライ)

As a frequent smart device user, I have proudly developed ALL of the above problems, although doing some massaging or extra skin care might help a bit, what is done is done, I only wish I could find this article much earlier.

by Mori


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